Wednesday, January 03, 2007

USB Missile Launcher

Finally, WMD* at an affordable price
Nobody remembers who started it. Perhaps that guy from HR lobbed a wadded up piece of paper over the cube wall at you? It could have been one of those accounting dudes with the marshmallow-gun. It doesn't matter, now. You are armed.
The USB Missile Launcher is the latest desktop weapons platform that elevates your status from mere code-monkey or BOFH Sysadmin to a true Digital Dictator. Laugh maniacally while you zero in on your unsuspecting target. Rain down foam punishment upon him with a click of the mouse. Watch as, one by one, three spring-loaded missiles arc 5 to 8 feet gracefully to your quarry. Giggle girlishly at the realistic sound effects with every launch.
This launcher can pivot 180 degrees horizontally, and 45 degrees up. Controlled by the included PC software, point the missiles at your foe, and press the big red shiny delicious button on screen. FOOM.
The USB Missile Launcher stands approximately seven inches high, is gunmetal grey, with three white foam spring-loaded missiles on top. It requires 3 AA batteries, which are included. Also includes PC Software (currently Windows XP only, but there is third party software available 'out there' for Mac and Linux).

* Weapons of Much Distraction.


USB منصة اطلاق صواريخ
آخر كماليات الكمبيوتر على الساحة ... حق شنو عاد؟
حق شحقة :) !!؟

ذكرني الموضوع بعرض هارديز هالأيام



USB مصباح

USB مادري شنو

USB كلو

آخ بس لو أعرف الكوب اليو اس بي شنو الحكمة منة

USBو يعيش ال


الاء سعود المجيبل said...

انزين حق اشحقه @@

احب هارديز


كل عام وانت بخير وعيدك مبارك...:)

Hassan Q Al Qallaf said...


أيامج سعيدة و انتي بخير و صحة و عافية


مادري بس على النت طلع هالمق اليو اس بي شغلة قديمة

عالعموم طلع حق أخوي :) لوول
خل انجربة و نعطيكم التفاصيل

مادري الظاهر اتخزنين فيه فلاش ميموري . مم ما يندرى