Friday, November 09, 2007


The unique bloggers list was updated , in line with the principle of participation and to know the best bloggers pioneers who have made a remarkable effort to express their views through the Internet.


Anonymous said...


Hassan Q Al Qallaf said...

and ... I'll keep updating my list because sure some of them were unfortunatly forgotten.

and ... This list represents my own opinion about the best blogger that I want others to have a look on their playgrounds.

and ... I'm gonna add yours if u never mind.

and ... It was a busy weekend thats why the reply is too late.

and ... After that all I wish ...we are making something ezgerty :)


Anonymous said...

awch thank you =] shaklek silent reader 3ashan chethy tawni a6e7 3ala bloggik =F

Hassan Q Al Qallaf said...

yep also real life silent creature :)

welcome outkasty