Saturday, October 06, 2007

Lake Assal بحيرة العسل في جيبوتي

The lake Assal is located at 155 metres below the sea level. The lake is surrounded by a white dazzling salt, a twenty kilometres length on ten broad lake, with waters of an intense blue.
Lake Assal resembles Dead Sea , which is Located at 396 m under sea level.
The lake Assal is at the bottom of a depression. Its level is at 155 metres under the sea level, it is one of the lower lakes of the world.
The lake Assal is bordered in the North-West by a bank of salt of 57 km2 and 60 metres thick. The rate of saliniaztion of the lake is about 375 grams salt per liter of water.
The lake Assal is supplied by very salted thermal springs, by sea water which is seeped by cracks coming from the Ghoubbet, but also by some wadis when it rains.
In the middle of the lake Assal, a kind of dome with vanilla color is, dug in its centre by a perfect crater.

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Hassan Q Al Qallaf said...

كنت كاتب اسم البحيرة ((بحيرة العسال)) لكن جزاه الله خير الأخ عبدالله ياسين من جيبوتي صحح لي الإسم إلى بحيرة العسل - لكني بدأت أتساءل يا عبدالله وين العسل و البحيرة كلها ملح في ملح - يا ترى من أين أتت التسمية ؟

تحية لك يا عبدالله و لا شكر على واجب