Sunday, March 30, 2008

Top Ten Video Sharing Sites

When PC World rates the best video sharing sites in the world popularity is not the main criteria considered to make a top. The users form an opinion based on personal likings – and these might include the quality of the movies they find there, social networking aspects, ability to upload and download movies and so on. It’s not the first time we made a top list of things you might find useful, yet this time we are aiming to bring you the best of the best in the video sharing industry – and this was no easy job! Before I start, let me just briefly tell you that not all these sites will share revenue with you.

1.Veoh is the site that is undoubtedly the leader of all the online video sharing sites. But not according to Alexa though, where it only occupies the 75th position. It’s simply not fair to compare Veoh with YouTube and MySpace TV because neither of these two comes close to the quality offered by Veoh.
You cannot download full length movies to your PC from YouTube, can you? Your PC doesn’t suddenly transform into a TV receiver with MySpace TV, does it? Can you watch full episodes of CSI on YouTube? No (unless someone split them in clips of 10 minutes). Of course to watch CSI on Veoh you need to be located in the USA, but that’s still an advantage considering that you are not tied to broadcasting hours. Besides, Veoh is free. Even if you are not located in the US Veoh is still fun. You need to visit the site, make a free account, download the Veoh TV application and start exploring. From home made videos to full length featured movies, there is basically nothing Veoh doesn’t cover. Free to upload, free to download, free to network with your friends, Veoh is what we really consider the future of online video sharing.

2. If you are ready to ignore the really bad navigation and the low discoverability, could be the second on your list. With an Alexa rank of only 3890, the site still has potential. The positive about are that it is free to use, has good video feed quality and has options to download videos on your PC. Unfortunately it has a file size restriction of 100MB which makes it almost impossible for users to upload full length movies.

3. If you want to upload videos fast and easy and share them with your friends, go ahead, try Vimeo. Don’t let yourself fooled by the poor site design. Vimeo has a modest Alexa ranking of 6088 – which in video sharing terms is close to nothing – but it works flawlessly when embedded in WordPress blogs, it requires no downloading and the quality of the image and sound are very good.

4. Fairly close to Veoh in popularity, Metacafe has a decent design, good discoverability and what makes it even better:revenue sharing. Yes, this is one of the few video sharing sites that can help you “make money online” – you just need to join the producer rewards program. Honestly, aside this aspect, I don’t see anything else positive about Metacafe, but since many web users are interested in making money online, I place it on the forth place, to make sure you find it before you get too bored.

5. I’ll stay in the money making department for another site: Revver. This has excellent quality, a pleasant design and it even created a WordPress plugin to help you maximize your revenue on your WordPress blog! With Revver you can create the perfect video blog and manage your entire video library, without even needing to upload your video files to Revver.

6. Stage6 another cool site is ranking closer to Veoh in Alexa (146) than our second and third choices. It needs a DivX plugin to run so if you haven’t downloaded it yet, you should probably do it now or else you will not be able to enjoy the excellent video quality offered by this site. I only tested the site in Internet Explorer and Firefox, so I don’t know what happens in other browsers, but I can already tell you that I was positively impressed by the design and some of the other features. This is another resource for high quality video downloads.

7. Owned by Yahoo! but far less popular than all of the above, Jumpcut is still a pretty decent video sharing site. The positive is that you can edit your videos online. The negative is the file size restriction to 100MB. Yahoo! would really do much better with Veoh. Honestly.

8. Speaking of Yahoo! let’s take a look in its neighbor’s yard Google, which comes out with two video sharing sites: Google Video and YouTube. I put them both on the same pedestal because, although Google Video does allow users to upload full length videos, they both belong to the same master and are both as popular. YouTube is the most visited video sharing site in the world – place 3 in Alexa, followed closely by MySpace TV. The only positive about YouTube is the broad audience.

9. Same goes for MySpace TV. Actually, everything MySpace is popular – and that’s because the network managed to create a strong community. MySpace is pretty closed when it comes to “sharing” applications. MySpace TV is perfect for those who need videos for their MySpace profiles – embedding somewhere else will not work. Another drawback is the 100MB file limit, although there is no limit to the number of videos you can upload.

10. Joost is online television with sharing functionality if we can define it like that. Of course you’ll need to download Joost to experience the program, but unfortunately it will slow down your computer. Veoh remains the best alternative thought Joost was once thought to be the forerunner in online television, the site is not nearly as effective or enjoyable as Veoh.


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Veoh & Vimeo

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