Tuesday, March 18, 2008

واجهة يابانية على العالم العربي

While I was surfing the internet, I went too far to the far east and I stopped in Nippon or (Japan 日本). I found lovely site showing information about arab countries. But a weak problem faced me because of the language which vanished immediately the moment of Google Translate support arrival.

Just look what I have found there...



And Now using the magic of GTranslation ...

14 th eve of the full moon is at the end of one month, but Arab women Words is a beautiful poetic language. Look up in the desert fourteenth month in the form of good, good brightness and the nobility and good, I felt it particularly beautiful. Around you, I like the moon would probably be a beautiful woman I think. I feel that I want to be like that. . .

And about Kuwait... there is a funny picture underlined by
Miya Monkey Beach is full of cats or サルミヤ・ビーチには

Miya maybe refer to Salmiya but the other things .. no comment ... ask the translation :) ... Is this good symbol of Kuwait!! :) Cats are spread everywhere Kho loll ... Take your time & check their website .
ايي والله ... مصوريلي قطاوه و حاطينهم بالموقع ... صج سياحة

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