Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Ads: Fasten your seat belt

Weird idea... I like it


Anonymous said...

really weird dont think people would like it

Hassan Q Al Qallaf said...

:) why bas

Bavaud said...

Hi Guyz..
Room for a new blogger? :-P
I actually agree with... right what's the name of the guy who owns this blogspot? ah there we go... life drama, How'ya mate? ;o)

Yeah i was saying, you gotta say it is creative, a bit scary though... still good. Erm yeah! that's about it... All i had to say! So... How's the weather?

Bavaud said...

Yeah just wanted to say one more thing! Cool Blog, honestly
Kinda helped getting out of my shitty mood after bitching about life and all on my blog!
You'll be seeing more of me!

Hassan Q Al Qallaf said...

you're welcome bro anytime .. elbeet beeetik

it is creative yes but ...sure it wont work with people here in our region

I'm expected something WiCKeD from you .. just let it free & u'll see