Friday, October 05, 2007

The Golden Rock

Golden Rock Stupa, Myanmar (Burma)
صخرة ذهبية .. ضخمة ... معلقة على حافة أحد المرتفعات في ميانمار - في شرق آسيا

والناس هناك يتخذون من هذه الصخرة اله لهم .. يذكر ان الديانة السائدة هناك هي البوذية
نسأل الله لهم الهداية


UzF said...

I'm sitting next to my burmese friend in class, and we watched the video together on my laptop. It brought tears to her eyes, now that her country is going through some political turmoil. It was a nice moment to reflect on our differences and similarities.
Thanks for posting the video!

Hassan Q Al Qallaf said...

Hi uzf

I don't know what should i say .... but wish that situation end up as soon as possible