Sunday, December 24, 2006

WaNSa صناعات الغانم

نقدر انقول .. فخر الصناعة الوطنية
ولو ان السمعة ماهي ابهالزود .. لكن ونسا منتج تابع لصناعات الغانم

The Alghanim Industries’ China office was inaugurated in June 2002 in Guangzhou,
a province located in the southern part of China. The office that opened with only 3 -employees has 20 local employees today.In 1998, Alghanim Industries started sourcing products from China under its own brand name “WANSA”. With time, this operation became strategically important and having a local presence was necessary for Alghanim Industries to reach its full capacity while building a reputation as a serious business partner. Currently the company is sourcing more than 5,000 products from some of the best known companies in China. The China Office deals with more than 800 manufacturers located in more than 40 cities in China in the areas of consumer electronics, furniture, textiles and fabrics, lighting, air-conditioning, automobile and general merchandise. With such an expanding operation in China Alghanim Industries has become the largest importer of Chinese products in the Middle East.

طبعا يبيلهم مدة على ما يوصلون لمستوى بقية الشركات .. لكن خطوة جريئة و رائدة في المنطقة .. ألحين ونسا لها منتجات متعددة و خطوطها الإنتاجية متشعبة و في تزايد مستمر .. ماشالة

الكويتي أنفع ... WANSA ... المستقبل

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